Diane T.
Submitted 10/24/22
Such caring staff and Dr. Paul is the best. Could not ask for better care.

Lynne P.
Submitted 09/24/22
Always great!

Richard H.
Submitted 09/09/22
Always enjoy the adjustment…

Lynn N.
Submitted 09/03/22
Dr. Paul is amazing and I feel he treated my gallbladder issue better than the drs at NCH so I will keep going back. He is an amazing health practitioner we are lucky to have here in Bonitasprings.

Judith (Judie) S.
Submitted 06/13/22
Dr Finucan was very caring …would recommend!! The girls at the front desk were very helpful and accommodating….

Bob R.
Submitted 05/23/22
Dr. Paul is amazing. He knows what my back problems are before I tell him and he fixes me right up. He keeps me on the golf course!

Thomas (Tom) P.
Submitted 05/23/22
Great experience doctor listened closely to me and explained what he thought needed done

Gabrielle S.
Submitted 05/11/22
The doctors are very knowledgeable and helpful. It is truly impressive.

Kevin A.
Submitted 04/29/22
Always helpful to understand what’s wrong and what I can do to correct it.

Larry J.
Submitted 04/14/22
Pleasant always informative and professional.

Susan S.
Submitted 03/31/22
Excellent chiropractic and holistic support!

Jay D.
Submitted 03/29/22
Fixed everything that was giving me pain!

Steve L.
Submitted 03/22/22
Dr. Paul is very knowledgeable, and has state of the art equipment to make your visit pleasant and the beginning of the healing process focused on your individual needs. Mostly though he Cares personally for his patients. Steve L.

***Susan (Lorette) G.
Submitted 02/23/22
One of my first stops when I arrive in Naples is to set up an appointment with Paul. He’s very helpful, insightful and directs his care to my concerned areas. I would and do highly recommend you scheduling an appointment with him at your earliest convenience.

***Rita S.
Submitted 02/18/22
Always happy with my treatment

**Mary Lou S.
Submitted 02/17/22
Always satisfied with Dr. Paul

Gregory B.
Submitted 02/03/22
Dr Paul provides comprehensive cutting edge care

John Sr H.
Submitted 01/25/22
Dr. Paul consistently addresses and corrects any muscular or nerve issues I may have. He is always my first call for help.

Thomas M.
Submitted 01/24/22
Very happy with results I am receiving for back and neck paid also improved circulation in my foot and leg.

***Rita S.
Submitted 12/16/21
We have been receiving excellent care from D. Finucan for many years.

Myra G.
Submitted 10/26/21
Very friendly office staff & Dr. Finucan was so attentive to any physical concerns and informative on how to help me and my children.

Wendy M.
Submitted 10/14/21
I would highly recommend Dr. Finucan. He is very attentive and professional. The staff is very welcoming as well!

Gabriel B.
Submitted 10/05/21
Always the best care!

Samantha A.
Submitted 10/03/21
I initially went to see Dr Paul about 15 yrs ago when I gave up hope after a year of neurologist appointments. One visit and he figured out my issue and had me up & running in no time. I became a believer! All of my children started seeing him as their primary care with me and haven’t looked back! He’s helped with everything from allergies, adjustments, even my thyroid issues! All natural!

Danielle K.
Submitted 09/02/21
The staff was so friendly. Dr. Finucan was awesome! Very friendly as well, accommodating to my child too. His knowledge was wonderful. It was so incredible to see how the testing worked and how spot on it was. I’m looking forward to future appointments.

Lisa F.
Submitted 08/05/21
I had been having headaches and muscle aching/pain and Dr. Finucan eliminated both issues during my visit! He has helped all members of my family with so many various issues when no one else was able! If you have an issue that hasn’t been resolved I highly recommend Dr. Finucan!

Tina Z.
Submitted 07/22/21
After one visit I am feeling better. I felt comfortable right away upon entering the building.

Rebecca- Forest T.
Submitted 07/19/21
I recommend Dr Finucan for all of your chiropractic needs. He is very knowledgeable and addresses my structural issues with care. Always a great experience!

Linda S.
Submitted 07/12/21
I was very impressed with Dr Finucan. He is a wealth of knowledge and very personable. I am very optimistic his treatment plan will work.

Michael M.
Submitted 06/20/21
The staff is always friendly, my appointments are always made quickly and convenient. Dr. Finucan is exceptional with his care and helpful life improving information.

Joshua H.
Submitted 05/12/21
Dr, Finucan is extremely knowledgeable and always on the cutting edge of alternative health treatments. Their prices are excellent and they do not pressure you to commit to lengthy treatment plans. He can get you in and out quickly but will spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions. I have been a customer for many years and have always been given outstanding service.

**Bill B.
Submitted 04/09/21
Very professional, personal service, showing they truly are interested in your well being!

Gayle G.
Submitted 01/28/21
My son and I have been going to Paul for years. He’s more than a chiropractor. He has detected autoimmune issues, viruses, infections before they were confirmed by science. He’s not only my go to for adjustments but also if there is something off with my health. He has a fantastic practice with the best supplements that have fixed everything from a weakened immune system to a parasitic infection. Prior to going to him I had numerous doctors treating me for everything with no success. He uncovered what they all missed. We go to him once a month to maintain optimal health. Thank you for all you do!

Siena B.
Submitted 01/18/21
Dr. Paul is a great doctor, wonderful alternative medical practice.

Donna K.
Submitted 01/11/21
Excellent care. They even got me in today…..even though I didn’t have a scheduled appointment for today. Thanks so much everyone.

**Kathleen (Kathy) S.
Submitted 12/30/20
Dr Paul always has me feeling better as I get off the table!

Gary J.
Submitted 10/13/20
Have been having pain in both shoulders from a recent accident. My first visit was today. Am feeling some relief already. Can’t wait for next treatment. If you are needing chiropractic help, this is the first place to check out. The Dr. Is good.

Jamie J.
Submitted 10/12/20
Great as usual

Francine D.
Submitted 09/29/20
Dr. Paul is very knowledgeable!! Hopefully I will be fit enough to walk, run, dance and do whatever I want to do!!!!!

Peter H.
Submitted 08/25/20
Family doctor said I needed no further treatment for systemic candida as I had antibodies when tested. My wife didn’t believe him and sent me to Dr. David who found that I still had candida in my digestive system and provided a six week course of treatment. Follow up visit coming up soon.

Sergey L.
Submitted 08/22/20
You can expect a very professional approach and great energy ,as soon as you step into Dr. Finucan office , amazing environment with even small details to lead toward healing.

Deanna M.
Submitted 07/28/20

Andrew B.
Submitted 07/09/20
Saw me on short notice and had me feeling 10X better physically and psychologically before I left. Thank you!

Angela E.
Submitted 07/03/20
Friendly, Caring.

Debra D.
Submitted 07/02/20
My visit was very good. Dr Funucan eased my pain. I am satisfied.

Bob R.
Submitted 05/23/20
My back and surgically repaired knee has never felt better! Dr. Paul is amazing!

***Phyllis C.
Submitted 04/15/20
Dr Paul helped my body pains. He is extremely patient & helpful.

Bonnie R.
Submitted 04/11/20
I’ve learned to trust Dr. Fenucan’s wise advice, adjustments and nutritional supplements to help with my health. I also appreciate his faith, that rounds out the big picture for me!

Rita H.
Submitted 03/11/20
Dr very knowledgeable and definitely will continue to see him.

Deedee Q.
Submitted 03/11/20
Love Dr. Finucan and his team!

**Linda R.
Submitted 03/09/20
Dr. Finucan and staff have always taken excellent care of me. Doc is highly knowledgeable experienced gracious and his protocols have worked. I never hesitate to recommend him and I’m very thankful he is available.

Lori O.
Submitted 02/27/20
Dr. Paul is always ready to help and listen to my concerns –

***Deborah B.
Submitted 02/20/20
You are always available when I sometimes just stop by for an adjustment to relieve my aches or pain! I trust your advise and information and your supplements have helped me for years! Your facility is beautiful, I immediately relax when I enter your doors and am greeted by your friendly staff!

***Susan K.
Submitted 02/06/20
Always pleased with the treatments by dr Funican. He and staff warm and informative

Ginny S.
Submitted 02/06/20
Dr. Finucan is by far the best Chiropractor I’ve ever gone to. He is so knowledgable and has top notch equipment to deal with your problems no other Doctor has that I know. Best!!! Ginny Simone

Bruce L.
Submitted 02/03/20
Great treatment thanks for the help

Dylan H.
Submitted 01/23/20
My job involves long hours of sitting, putting increased strain on my lower back and neck. With the amazing help of Dr. Finucan, I have experienced consistent relief after appointments and no pain in my lower back after a long day. Thanks Doc!

Dr. Paul F.
Submitted 01/23/20
Dr. Dave Kubicek is amazing, with Kinesiology he can test every organ, nutrition, the joints and spine and even find emotions that hurt our bodies. I recommend that everyone should have a check up with Dr. Dave.

John D.
Submitted 01/22/20
Dr. Paul is the Best chiropractor ever!

Daritza L.
Submitted 01/22/20
Best massage I’ve ever had! And the chiropractic care is excellent!

Dr. Ron R.
Submitted 01/22/20
Dr. Paul has been an inspiration. He is always cutting edge and has taken amazing care of my kids, as well as my own needs relative to Chiropractic Care and has also been a mentor to me as well. I highly recommend visiting his office and having your spine scanned and a kinesiology assessment as well. Thanks Dr Paul for all you do! Doc Ron Repice

Margaret M.
Submitted 01/09/20
I was very satisfied with the care I was receiving and was feeling better until this cold struck! As soon as it passes I will reschedule another visit. Thank you so much.